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The natives with Sun in the first house are blessed with a dynamic and passionate persona. They display the leadership qualities from their childhood itself. They are the ones who bully other children in school or playground. When they grow up, an aura of confidence surrounds their personality. Their self-confidence also makes them egocentric and they become the puppet of their whims and fancies. They like to give orders and don’t accept the supremacy of others. If they control their emotions and shed their ego, they can provide valuable leadership in society, politics or in their chosen field.

The natives with Sun in the first house are very conscious about their image in public and do things that can make them the centre of attraction among people. They should avoid bossy attitude and learn to cooperate with their spouse and colleagues. The native is inclined towards spirituality, although the urge to attain materialistic comforts is too deep. They have tons of knowledge and wisdom; the only thing is that they should try to use it in the service of humankind rather than on self aggrandizement. They are strong-willed people who like to tread the path of morality rather than accepting the short term joys of sin.

The natives with Sun in the first house are healthy and charm others with their good and upright conduct. They may suffer from diseases related to eyes and acidity. They like to travel and spend a lot of their time away from home. They get a lot of name, fame and wealth if the Sun gets exalted in the first house. They become intelligent and speak wisely. If the Sun gets debilitated in the first house, the native will find utmost difficulty in gaining wealth and recognition in the society. They may also suffer from blindness. However, the bad effects are neutralized if Jupiter aspects the first house.