Sun in 12th House

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Sun in the twelfth house enters into the domain of spirituality and consciousness. It makes the natives to dive deeply in the ocean of unworldly pursuits. They become less concentrated on attaining material comforts and more inclined towards growing as good human beings. They are worried more about their inner wellness. They get interested in learning about the occult and mystical subjects like astrology and related sciences. They want to learn more about how the universal forces work and how human destiny is altered by the result of their action, reaction or inaction. They want to unlock the doors of human psyche.

The natives with Sun in the twelfth house are adept in maintaining the balance between income and expenditure. They want to gain wealth and luxuries but that is not the sole or primary concern of their life. They are ahead of others in maturity and learning. They don’t make friendships just to enhance their social circle. They can comfortably interact with those people only with whom they can connect spiritually or intellectually. They want to dwell away from the limelight where there are no interferences in their schedule. They prove to be compassionate listeners and talented counselors.

Sun in the twelfth house gives favorable results in few conditions only as it is called a ‘dusthana’ or the house of expenditure. If the twelfth lord is Leo or there are positive aspects on the twelfth lord and Sun, the natives will enjoy the pleasures of bed. They will develop love for God. They may gain wealth through journeys. But, if the twelfth house is disturbed astrologically, the natives will incur loss of wealth. They may develop bitter relations with people in authority. They may suffer from diseases like appendicitis and leprosy. They may be deprived of physical pleasures and may be childless.