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Modality: Fixed
Element: Water
Ruler:Pluto, Mars
Season: Fall
8th Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Steel, Iron
Stone: Topaz, Opal
Color: Gold, Purple
Anatomy: Genital organs, bladder, bowels

Keywords: passionate , perceptive , resourceful,possessive , psychological , prowling, determined , probing , fixed , focused .

The natives with Scorpio as their rising sign possess a very commanding persona. They have such depth in their personality that people need to raise their intellect to match their level. They are secretive and people find it difficult to judge what is going on in their mind. They are self reliant and appear to be stubborn from outside but they are very emotional intrinsically. However, they master the art of keeping their emotions under control. They are born fighters and always eager to take the lead. They are stimulated when they are asked to tackle a difficult and challenging situation. They pursue their goals with sheer intensity and devoutness. They don’t hide from difficult situations and do nothing in half measures. They remain so engrossed in their work that they have no time or inclination for gossiping or back-biting.

The Scorpio rising natives have proportioned physique, broad face, long hands, curly hair, average to tall height and muscular body. They are blessed with excellent imagination and intuitive powers. They can very-well read from the faces of people. Their distinctive body feature is their deep and mesmerizing eyes. They just get the feel of things with their thought-provoking and hypnotic gaze. They have a quality to feel the undercurrent in the atmosphere and foresee what may transpire next. What sets them apart from others is their strength of mind. They are so confident from within that they strive to compete with themselves. Be it their office desk, sports field or gym; they are intensely focused on outshining their previous successes. They have the quality of profoundly changing the lives of others by bringing transformation in their behavior.

On the negative side, they become angry even at trivial provocations. They often get irritated and lose their temper. They have a tendency to keep others under control. They are habitually suspicious by nature and trust doesn’t come to them naturally. People have to pass through certain tests before attaining their loyalty. In extreme cases, they can become fanatical over issues of politics, religion and sports. At times, they can be very sarcastic. They are resentful when they are contradicted. But they walk an extra mile to repay someone’s good gesture.
The Scorpio rising natives can be good psychiatrists, hypnotists, investigators and researchers. They have a surgeon’s eye and penchant for detective and forensic works. With their intense and fighting spirit, they can be good soldiers, lawyers, spies, ambassadors and engineers. In the matters of heart, the Scorpio rising natives are loyal to the core and look for long-term commitment. They want a partner who can match their intensity, both at the emotional and physical level. They want their partner to be equally passionate in matters of love and sex. They become excellent parents as they encourage their children to go after their hobbies and interests with full punch.
The Scorpio rising natives are prone to ailments of liver, kidneys, urinary and reproductive systems, piles, ulcers, stones, nose, nasal bones, pubic area, genital organs and hemoglobin.

Scorpio is symbolized by The Scorpion and belongs to the Water element. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio. Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio. According to some astrologers, Ketu gets exalted and Rahu gets debilitated in Scorpio. In horoscope, it represents the eighth house. Maroon and Dark Red colors are associated with Scorpio.