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The natives with Saturn in Virgo are hard-working, efficient, organized and disciplined. They have a scientific bent of mind and are practical by nature. They know how to manage people and get them to their side. They concentrate on the work in hand and don’t think too much about future. They analyze the people and situations very well. They are very concerned about hygiene and cleanliness and frown at the sight of dirt and messy ambience.

They like to stay busy and occupied in something as boredom makes them restless. Their precedence for perfection makes them critical of others’ works.
The natives with Saturn in Virgo are proficient in keeping accounts and records. They don’t crave for limelight and prefer to work behind the curtains. They don’t want to deviate from the set routine and orderly life. Their shy nature makes them uncomfortable in the public forum. They feel good when they are in the driver’s seat and in control of things. They need to learn the art of distinguishing the important tasks from the insignificant ones. It will make them effective in their work and bring in better results for them. They should avoid criticizing others and become more sociable.

The natives with Saturn in Virgo perform well in science, engineering, medicine, mathematics and other such subjects which require precision and accuracy. They have a sharp and analytical mind which enables them to remember facts and figures for a long time and calculate the numbers on the tips of their hands. They are health conscious and are concerned with healthy diet and nutrition. They should protect themselves from ailments related to digestive system, abdominal area and small intestine. They should not put too small a price on their skills. They can repair the old things like an astute mechanic. They can achieve big goals if they stop being too critical.

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