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The natives with Saturn in Taurus are very determined in realizing their ambitions. They are very attached to the materialistic possessions and things of luxuries. They tend to accumulate and save more wealth for the proverbial rainy day. Their excessive concern for financial security makes them troubled with thoughts that they should be prepared to face the unforeseen disasters. This attitude turns them into a miser as they think more about future than about the present. They need to re-assess their values and understand that true security comes from inner peace rather than materialistic things.

The natives with Saturn in Taurus are very hardworking people. Their disciplined approach and organizing ability helps them to complete tasks in stipulated time. They have patience to slog out, which makes them succeed where others fail. They keep their emotions under control and don’t change their stance every now and then. They find it difficult to forgive and forget and wait for the opportune moment to strike at their target. They can excel in politics and business. They are loyal in their relationships and prove to be trustworthy friends. They expect genuineness from others in relationships and believe in give and take policy.

The natives with Saturn in Taurus can be stubborn when they want to protect their beliefs. They have such a control over their feelings that they can effortlessly put off instant pleasures for the sake of greener pastures in the future. They get troubled with the problems of throat and speech. They believe in the idiom that there are no free lunches. Hence, they are ready to work hard for a longer duration in the hope that their future will be bright and secure. They don’t take rash decisions and make plans before embarking on any professional track. They don’t want to look greedy or selfish.

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