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The natives with Saturn in Scorpio are blessed with administrative ability. They like to plan and organize things first before rushing to start the work. They become spiritual from an early age and tend to possess intuitive powers. People find their nature secretive and take time to open up with them. They remain cool, calm and collected even under the most difficult circumstances. The foresight of Saturn gets combined with the energy of Mars, when Saturn is in Scorpio. It is a wonderful disposition for action with intensity. They are fascinated by the occult and are inclined to connect emotionally with powers that are beyond the realm of human race.

The natives with Saturn in Scorpio don’t feel relaxed until they fulfill their aspirations. They are full of energy and are ready to work overtime to realize their goals. They can’t forgive or forget the person who treats them unjustly or stabs them in the back. When they retaliate, the others get scared by their approach. Issues related to relationships may cause them emotional pain, sometimes. They keep their ambitions and plans hidden in their heart and strike only when the iron is hot. They fear the pain of emotional rejection and feel incomplete until they get united with their partner.

The natives with Saturn in Scorpio may seek to attain power and wealth through unscrupulous means which harms their reputation in society. They need to ensure that their boldness doesn’t turn into stubbornness or arrogance. Health wise, they need to take care of their reproductive system and digestion. Bowel obstructions, constipation and hemorrhoids may cause problems. They have to guard against development of stones in gall bladder or kidneys. Holding on to anger makes their emotions burst inside, which affects their health adversely. They should talk about their pain and anguish with their loved ones to overcome emotional disturbances.

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