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The natives with Saturn in Sagittarius are generous by nature. They carry out their duties with great sense of responsibility. They are charitable and turn to philanthropy with an innate desire to uplift the weaker sections of the society. Their religious impulse also urges them to help the mankind. This line of thinking lends them recognition and admiration in the society. They have a philosophical bent of mind which propels them to dive in the ocean of spirituality and mysticism. They are interested in scientific subjects and look for logic and reasoning. They are good administrators and can manage large groups of people with ease, because of their humane and accommodating temperament.

The natives with Saturn in Sagittarius are honest and principled. They want to earn money through ethical ways as they want their reputation to remain intact. Even if they are not able to attain degrees in education, they make their mark with self-attained knowledge. They are conservative and resist changes in their personal and professional life. They cling to their beliefs on religion and philosophy. They are attracted to sports because adventure drives them crazy. They love to explore new horizons and remain focused while studying.

The natives with Saturn in Sagittarius are very logical and can’t be fooled by superstitions or such things. They get perturbed by unknown fears and insecurities. They can evolve as better human beings by shedding their phobias and anxieties. They like to travel a lot, especially to the unseen places. They take the course of rebellion if they get disillusioned with the authorities or the management. They need to open up with people and express their views freely. They may suffer from health issues related to liver, hips, muscles and legs. They need to do physical exercises daily and spend ample time in fresh air. They should avoid being selfish, rigid and sarcastic.

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