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The natives with Saturn in Pisces are sensitive but pragmatic. They are blessed with creative, spiritual and psychic abilities. They find security in religion. They are more tolerant than others can imagine. They are ready to sacrifice their possessions for the welfare of others. They find it intricate to become disciplined and organized. They get so absorbed in their work that they lose touch with people and things around them. Sometimes, their imagination gets blurred and they are not able to decide what is good for them and what is not. Their self-pitying nature makes them feel like a victim or a martyr in adverse situations.

The natives with Saturn in Pisces believe in the concept of destiny and rebirth and feel that their troubles in the present life have occurred as a result of the bad actions they might have committed in their past life. They believe that Saturn comes to take account of the seeds that they had sown in the previous lives. This line of thinking makes them sorrowful and glum. They perform well when they work behind the scenes, away from the limelight and public eye. They feel duty-bound to help those who are in any difficulty. They feel happy when they teach others on the basis of their individual experience.

The natives with Saturn in Pisces can make career in fields where extensive research is needed. They can excel in social work, medical field, teaching and religious pursuits. They need to overcome their mood swings and indecisiveness. Failure in professional endeavors makes them feel utterly depressed and helpless, which they can overcome by developing faith in the future. Their over-involvement in the sorrows and troubles of others adds to their cup of woes. Health wise, the feet and the foot bones may pose problems for them. Issues related to lymphatic system may also cause them pain. They need to go for walk regularly.

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