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Saturn gets exalted in Libra. The natives with Saturn in Libra are very tactful which makes them succeed in diplomatic endeavors. They make balanced judgments and people trust them for this reason. They need to develop a cooperative approach in relationships rather than forcing their will on others. They seek security through friendships and marriage. They may marry someone very younger or older than their age to get financially secured. They may marry late, only after getting sure that their partner will live up to their expectations. Their desire to get the perfect mate makes them too demanding in marriage.

The natives with Saturn in Libra are conventional and old-fashioned. If the Saturn is afflicted or badly placed, they may consider marriage as a bondage and don’t burden themselves with responsibilities in such scenario. They need to mix up well with people and be sympathetic towards them. They need to make their relationships a source of growth and not of suffering. They need to be flexible, tolerant and reliable to attain people’s support and social status. They take decisions based on merit and not on emotions. They look at both sides of the coin before finalizing something. They need to understand emotions and love people.

The natives with Saturn in Libra may face health problems related to lower back, intestines and kidneys. The problem is created when the filtering action of the kidneys is obstructed, allowing toxic elements to intoxicate the body. They need to drink distilled water to protect their kidneys. They may get troubled by urinary problems. They need to live in harmony with others to avoid being getting isolated. They teach lessons of morality and civilized behavior to those who need them. When the Saturn in Libra is placed well in the horoscope, it has the potential to bestow the native with unprecedented wealth, status and political fame.

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