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The natives with Saturn in Leo are tactful and vigilant. They have strong will-power and organizing ability which makes them a great leader. They are very good at their job and rely on their competence to carry out the difficult tasks. They are not the ones who display their emotions which makes them appear emotionless and inaccessible. Their inability to forge emotional bond with others makes them isolated in their social circle. However, they are very concerned with the financial security of their family and provide material comforts and luxuries to them. They have a strong sense of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

The natives with Saturn in Leo vie for the leadership role. Their ego gets pinched if they are assigned the secondary role. They want to attain a position that others recognize and follow them. They live a disciplined life and expect their family members to follow their footsteps. People find it difficult to converse with them because they are reserved and lack humor. They underestimate themselves by comparing them with others. It makes them feel inferior and they tend to become jealous of others. They alienate people by their short-tempered nature and cruel behavior. They don’t mind employing corrupt means to attain their goals.

The natives with Saturn in Leo should learn to express their affections towards others and cooperate with them. They should remember that a person is loved as long as he/she is humble and people start drifting away when arrogance creeps in. They are blessed with creative talents which they should use in the service of mankind. To make their life enjoyable, they should adjust with their family members by accommodating their views and aspirations. They should remain careful regarding the health problems related to heart, back and spinal column. They need to shed their ego and involve themselves in spiritual activities like meditation.

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