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The natives with Saturn in Gemini possess good memory and concentration skills. They maintain their mental balance in all situations and are appreciated for their organizing abilities. They come up with practical solutions for difficult problems. Their mind is always filled with innovative ideas but they hesitate to try those ideas. They are very particular about plans and details before undertaking any project. They are fascinated with the things of past, historical monuments, archaeology, heritage and culture. They may look for a career in these fields. They also do well in professions like writing and teaching. Since they are proficient in reasoning, they perform well in subjects like science and mathematics.

The natives with Saturn in Gemini like to learn new things. In childhood, they may encounter problems related to communication and they may fear to stand up on public podium to speak. They need to improve their communication skills to succeed in life. They possess business acumen because they plan well and are capable of producing good results in short time. They mold themselves according to the situation and rely upon logic and reasoning to carry out the tasks. They don’t lose their composure in adverse circumstances. They don’t like to indulge in gossip and keep distance from people who display fake emotions.

The natives with Saturn in Gemini have to cope up with health issues related to nervous tension, which leads to the problem of oxygenation of blood. Sufficient oxygen is needed in the lungs to avoid this health issue. They need to take utmost care of lungs and throat. They should sleep in an airy room. They also need to guard themselves against negative thinking, cynicism and depression. They should accept the challenges instead of avoiding them. They find it difficult to connect emotionally with others. They are well advised not to doubt their abilities.

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