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Saturn is in its own house in Capricorn. The natives with Saturn in Capricorn are ambitious and disciplined enough to succeed in life. Their patience and perseverance makes them cross the difficult barriers in life. They attain rewards in life as they never shy away from hard work. They take every duty seriously and relax only after fulfilling their responsibilities. They believe that life is not all about attaining happiness only. Difficulties and sufferings also serve a purpose by making us stronger and better human beings. They get so engrossed in their work that their life becomes ‘all work and no play’.
The natives with Saturn in Capricorn have the ability to convert abstract notions into tangible solutions. The feeling of lonesomeness and inadequacy induces them to focus on their work for a longer duration. They also work harder to gain prestige and social standing. They tempt to attain power at any cost and display selfishness in such matters. Their main focus is to take their career to greater heights. They believe more on their abilities than others and thus show reluctance to delegate work to others. They go by the rules and prefer to work in an unemotional and structured environment.
The natives with Saturn in Capricorn are overwhelmed with the desire to control their professional setting. They rarely spare time to relax and enjoy. They persuade others to fall in line, though in a charming way. Their communication skills make them very good speaker. They are fair and impartial in their judgments and in dealing with others. They get satisfaction from serving others. They crave for attaining financial security as it gives them self-assurance and peace of mind. They should behave politely when they attain very high and powerful position. They may face health problems related to skin, knees and bones.

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