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The natives with Saturn in Cancer form a strong emotional bond with those whom they love. However, they feel hesitant to express their emotions and keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Their only concern is their home and family and they do everything possible to keep their family happy. They can get insecure and depressed easily if they found that their loved ones are in trouble. They feel good when they are reassured time and again that they are loved and appreciated. They don’t want to become dependent on others and want to create their own place under the sun.

The natives with Saturn in Cancer need to triumph over emotional depression. Some thoughts of the past may bump into them often which may stall their current progress. The fear of getting hurt emotionally stops them from forming close bonds and they move very cautiously in making new relationships. They are so involved with their wellbeing that sometimes they fail to pay attention to the needs of others. Their emotional security is related to their financial security as they feel confident if they have wealth and resources to bank upon. They need to break the walls that they create between them and others.

The natives with Saturn in Cancer suffer from problems related to digestive system, stomach and chest. They need to take care of their appetite and avoid drinking water with meals. Any kind of emotional setback harms their physical health too. They need to avoid being hypersensitive and take things lightly to maintain their emotional health. Some emotional disturbances that they might have faced in their childhood stick to their mind in later life as well. If they don’t get love and proper care of their parents then it will reflect in their own parenthood. They may become strict with their children. They want the child inside them to be pampered.

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