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Saturn gets debilitated in Aries. Saturn symbolizes system and Aries is a sign of leadership. The natives with Saturn in Aries can become great leaders, who are not afraid to take risks. Competitiveness spurs them on to give their best and achieve heights of greatness. They are characterized with confidence and self-reliance, which makes them feel that they are far better than those around them. They get irritated if they feel that others are not putting in as many efforts as they are. They tend to become selfish at times and want their needs to be fulfilled first. Their impatience ruins all the good work that they do.

The natives with Saturn in Aries are criticized for the reason that they interfere in others’ works. They stick their nose in the affairs of other people and try to run business in their account. They try to force their will on others. On the contrary, they don’t like any kind of interference in their work. They don’t want to take orders from others. They want to make their life stable and secure. They undertake works that can make them indispensable and worthy in others’ estimation. They can perform well if they learn the art of separating constructive tasks from unproductive works.

The natives with Saturn in Aries sometimes miss out on good opportunities because they exercise excessive caution. They feel incomplete from within as they think that they don’t achieve as per their expectations and aptitude. Their inner turmoil frustrates them to the core and they become afraid of failure or negative responses. By persistent efforts, they can develop reasoning skills. They become prone to stress and headaches by trying to accomplish more. They need to do physical exercises and drink lots of water to prevent health problems related to circulatory system and kidneys.

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