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Saturn is in its own house in Aquarius. The natives with Saturn in Aquarius possess practical common sense. They get energy from their inner strength which comprises of faith and devotion. They are friendly towards others but they need to be more tolerant and understanding in dealing with people. They must develop sense of forgiving. They can think ahead of time and plan well for the contingencies. They look at things in a complete new way and come up with suggestions that change the equations dramatically. They are serious, detached and cold by temperament.

The natives with Saturn in Aquarius have a scientific and innovative mind. They are reliable and committed in friendships and relationships. They want to become sociable but find it difficult to connect emotionally with someone instantly. People keep them away as they ooze superiority complex. They need to accept their shortcomings and perk up their behavior to attract people and develop personal bonds. They need a forum where they can share their vision and ideas with others, however fanciful or pragmatic they may be. When they form their firm opinion on any issue, they become vindictive against those who oppose them.

The natives with Saturn in Aquarius need to apply their skills in practical applications. They need to be vigilant about health issues related to circulatory and nervous system. Problems in the circulatory system can produce life-threatening ailments. Snags in the nervous system can cause numbness and loss of vision. They prefer long term commitments in matters of love and marriage. They remain loyal towards their partner and make friends with someone with common interests. They have an intuitive mind and they think a lot about future. They take pride in the fact that they have immense knowledge of different subjects. They adopt moral approach towards life as they are spiritual and truth-seeking.

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