Saturn in 7th House

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Saturn in the seventh house determines the attitude of the native towards marriage and business partnerships, as these two issues are represented by the seventh house. Saturn gets directional strength in the seventh house and results become better if it is exalted, in its own sign, in the sign of its friendly planet or in conjunction with friendly planets. Such natives invoke sincerity in their relationships as loyalty is their hallmark. They wish for long term relationships, though the cliché is, that they take long time to choose the partner. This causes them to marry late, but the good point is that the relationship is stable and long-lasting.

Saturn in the seventh house makes the native sympathetic about their spouse. They consider their partner a blessing which they have received from the God, and that they have to nurture their partner to keep Him happy. That’s why they tread cautiously while deciding about their partner. Once they get attached to someone, their thrust is on maintaining a lifetime relationship. Even the misunderstandings or conflicts don’t deter them from taking heartfelt care of their partner. They may get attracted to mature people, even elder to them, because that gives them a sense of emotional security.

The natives with Saturn in the seventh house stay loyal towards their spouse. Marriage vows mean a lot to them and they wish to and succeed in fulfilling their commitments. They may not demonstrate but abundant love flows from their heart for their partner. Only when the Saturn is debilitated and the lord of the seventh house is weak, the natives undergoes trauma in marital relationship. The natives having strong Saturn are honest in their business dealings as well. For them, principles take precedence over profits or gains. They have fewer relationships but they put their soul into those ones.