Saturn in 6th House

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Saturn in the sixth house can bring health problems if its position is weak. Such natives suffer from poor digestive system. They need to take proper care of their diet as bad dietary habits make them obese and diseased. Only after falling ill they understand the value of a healthy lifestyle. Such natives may have to depend upon a regular dose of health supplements like proteins, vitamins etc. to protect their immune system. If Saturn is strong, it controls over the diseases and makes one physically fit. Such people hit the gym regularly and are fond of running/jogging.

The natives with Saturn in the sixth house are workaholics. Since sixth house signifies work, Saturn’s presence here makes the native a tireless worker. They give their best shot in every task. They should, however, keep in mind that overwork leads to exhaustion and disturbs the health. Useless anxieties about work may cause them hypertension. They encounter difficulties at the workplace due to their expectations that others too perform as hardly as they do. When others fail to match up to their expectations, they make the atmosphere tense at work. Even their admirers desert them. They want the workplace to adorn strict and disciplined impression. This curtails the fun factor and makes work boring and dull.

Saturn in the sixth house crushes the enemies of the native, if it is strongly placed here. Houses such as third, sixth and eleventh are conducive for the placement of malefic planets like Saturn. Such natives don’t fear their enemy, however powerful they may be. This confidence emanates from Saturn’s determined and rigid approach amidst adversity. However, weak Saturn in the sixth house may cause tensions to the native on account of loans. Burgeoning debts and shrinking income disturbs their peace of mind. Such natives should never employ dishonest means because it infuriates Saturn.