Saturn in 5th House

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Saturn in the fifth house attacks the emotions of the native. They may feel that they are not duly loved and appreciated. This perception turns them into a reticent persona and they respond to others in cold manner. This makes them unpopular in their circle. Their aloofness reflects in their behavior towards their children if Saturn is debilitated or weak. They put on too many restrictions on their children and take parenthood as a burden or liability which has to be fulfilled somehow. In spite of being emotional and caring, they fail to show affection towards others. This attitude drifts away their children from their hold.

The natives with Saturn in the fifth house experience coldness in their love affairs too, if Saturn is afflicted and fifth lord is in conjunction with malefic planets. Their partner complains that they don’t pay adequate time and interest in the relationship, making it dull and one-sided. They need to learn that love is expressed by sharing and understanding the feelings and not by just bequeathing the partner with gifts etc. They need to let go of their self-centeredness, and should generate a spell of love and warmth. They need to shed somberness and become romantic and energetic to rekindle their love relationship.

Saturn in the fifth house gives good results when it becomes strong along with powerful fifth lord. Such natives find no roadblocks in their education and are able to pursue successfully the course they wish to take on. They derive happiness through children as they become more like a friend to them, rather than adopting strict attitude towards them. Their mind becomes much focused and they can remember facts and figures accurately. They should not become pre-determined in interpreting someone’s behavior. Rigidness causes them much harm as they lose many opportunities due to this. They should set a benchmark for themselves rather than wasting time in comparisons.