Saturn in 4th House

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Saturn in the fourth house makes the native traditional as they toe the fixed line. They are opposed to changes as they want to remain in a comfort zone. It makes them hanker after financial security. They are very attached to their material possessions and assets like property and land. They like to deal in the business of real estate as they have good knowledge about the investment in property. They can suggest which sector is profitable at that particular time. They are good at heart but lose their patience often, which makes them ill-tempered and unpredictable. They own many vehicles if Saturn is strong here.

The natives with Saturn in the fourth house are devoted towards their family. They display dual behavior in their attitude towards their family members. On the one side, they cater to the needs of their family and try to provide every comfort to them. While on the other hand, they try to dominate them and control their decisions. They enforce discipline of the military type, which puts their family members in constant fear of reprimand. Their adamant attitude poses problems for their spouse and children and it disturbs the happiness of the family.

The natives with Saturn in the fourth house feel that they are burdened with family responsibilities, which becomes difficult to handle sometimes. They are attached to and protective about their mother. One thing that separates them from others is their patriotic spirit. The strong Saturn here makes them a mass leader. People belonging to the lower sections of the society and the working class are their major supporters, or vote bank as they say in political terms. They learn astrology and may make it their profession. If Saturn and fourth lord are debilitated, their public reputation suffers a jolt and their family life gets disturbed. They need to abstain from drinking alcohol.