Saturn in 3rd House

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Saturn in the third house makes the native sober and reserved. Such natives have a lot of patience and an inherent ability to focus single-mindedly on the task they are assigned. They may like to spend time alone but loneliness breeds negative thoughts in their mind. They work in an organized way and are systematic about their schedule. They follow the set conventions and rarely divert from the track. They get excited when they have to plan and strategize on some issue because it invokes mystery and thrill in them. They don’t get bogged down by the prospect of putting in hard work.

The natives with Saturn in the third house may face troubles from their siblings. Either they don’t gel well or they develop animosity with them at an early age. The weak Saturn here creates misunderstanding between brothers on account of property issues. They, however, gain wealth and assets on their own, if deprived by their family. The path of education is not smooth as hurdles keep mounting at regular intervals; maybe there is a lack of right guide in their life who can give them proper direction. But they make up for the earlier discrepancies by doing well in the later stages of their education period.

The natives with Saturn in the third house have to work hard to tone up their communication skills. They give prominence to truth and avoid using unethical ways for attaining success. They have the fine ability to differentiate between the moral and immoral ways and act according to their instinct. They are also labeled as the silent assassins because they do their work quietly. The others fail to notice how meticulously they carry on the tasks. They should mix up with people so that others are able to understand them. They need to guard against the health issues related to lungs.