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The natives with Saturn in the second house are frugal and sensible in spending their money. They guard their money as a faithful trustee or watchman. They handle their finances very efficiently. People accuse them of being miser but they value money and save for the bad days. It is good to save money for future but they should learn to enjoy their present as well. They feel down in the dumps if financial dealings don’t go as per their expectations. They can remain happy and composed only if they learn to share their wealth and possessions with others.

The natives with Saturn in the second house put much emphasis on materialism. They shrink themselves in a shell because they don’t want others to breach their financial security and secrets. And when they move away from the people, they feel other way round. They think that they are neither loved by others nor appreciated for their qualities. They need to love and respect themselves first before others feel the same for them. They are ever ready to work like a bull to earn money. Dexterity and hard work are instilled in them from a very young age. They value the dignity of labor and teach the same to their family members, especially children.

The natives with Saturn in the second house don’t invest money in risky ventures like shares etc. They believe that their hard-earned money is too precious to be frittered away in dicey options. If Saturn and the second lord are weak, the natives find it difficult to earn money. They may lose part of their income in lotteries or betting. Their voice may be harsh and they may have unstable family life. The strong Saturn here makes them act like a judge in their family and others follow their orders without much resentment.

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