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Saturn in the first house makes the native serious by temperament. They live an austere life and remain quiet and serious. Their detached nature makes people to think that they are cold and unfriendly, which they actually aren’t. Sense of duty and unbiased attitude defines their mental set up. ‘Appeasement of none and justice to all’ is their catchphrase. They don’t let friendships or relations to overrule their decisions. They want to be seen as impartial rather than being tilted in favor of one party. They can master the art of self-control better than others, akin to the sages, because they don’t find any difficulty in living an ascetic life.

The natives with Saturn in the first house might have seen difficulties, emotional or financial, in their growing years, which make them tough and mature in their later age. If they are confronted with insecurity of any kind or inferiority complex in their childhood, they may come up as more determined and ambitious in life. They don’t let others to decide their worthiness but take a self call in judging themselves and deciding their course. Failures make them more focused to achieve bigger feats. They may appear calm and relaxed from outer surface but a lot of inner turbulence lies underneath.

The one thing that puts the natives with Saturn in the first house down is the feeling that they are not loved. It breeds pessimism in them. If Saturn and the ascendant lord are debilitated or afflicted, they may move towards suicidal tendencies. Such natives need to be constantly reminded of their potential so that they don’t feel disheartened by stumbling blocks. If Saturn and the ascendant lord are exalted or strongly deposited, the natives come out as fairy tale heroes because of their unrelenting attitude even during the worst circumstances. They should not become so dominating that people start to drift away from them.

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