Saturn in 12th House

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Saturn in the twelfth house develops the sensitiveness and emotional quotient of the native. It urges them to adopt a disciplined and self controlled attitude. Feelings of fear, insecurity, self-doubt and lack of confidence may prop up but they know how to steer the boat of adversity. There is a sense of guilt regarding the bad deeds of past, but there is a strong desire to rectify the mistakes. They are able to overcome any past hangovers by their stealthy performance. They divert their energy in serving the mankind as it brings them contentment by eradicating any feeling of worthlessness.

The natives with Saturn in the twelfth house like to work in solitude. There’s a tendency to withdraw from the crowd and do their work behind closed doors. They work happily and flourish when they are left to complete the task on their own, away from the prying eyes of the people. They feel that they are over-burdened with responsibilities, while others get an easy walkover. They are made to think that they should fulfill their responsibilities even if it means afflicting pain or suffering on themselves. They feel that they are not given enough opportunities to flourish. Such feelings weaken their spirit and break their momentum.

The natives with Saturn in the twelfth house don’t get the appreciation and recognition they deserve because they work behind the scenes. Such natives need to break the imaginary walls that they create between them and other people. They need to open up and become friendly with others as it will break the monotony of aloofness and self-doubt. The more they will broaden their social circle, the better they will become as a team player. They need to enjoy life rather than questioning it every time. Such natives have very few enemies as they don’t stick their nose in the affairs of other people.