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May 23, 2017

Sun is the reason for our existence as we draw energy from the sun, which helps us to sustain ahead in life. Sun, is the king of all planets and it represents our soul and fatherhood. It transits through all the signs and takes about a month to transit particular sign. Its golden rays fill us with confidence, courage and enhance our will power. It holds an important part in one’s horoscope as a person whose sun is benefic often enjoy good fortune, health, wealth and possess leadership qualities.
Sun rules ancestors, and if it is aspected by more than one malefic planet, then it leads to Pitra Dosha. Sun highly influences person profession for instance; it tells if a person has any chance in government sector or any other administration. Sun govern person nature makes him well-disciplined, influential analyst, inventor, and administrator.
Sun is said to be extremely strong if it falls in the zodiac Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius. If the sun is strong in the person’s Kundali, then he will stay healthy, energetic. Sun makes one, immensely powerful and responsible, which are the key factors of a great human being. If a person is born with the strong sun in Ascendant or zodiac Leo then one, tend to be generous, bold, strong will and has a self-pride as well. They attain good heights in their life, and they are an ambitious and highly competitive individual. However, if the sun is weak then person might become selfish, jealous, aggressive and egoistic
Sun is said to be weak in Libra sign as it is debilitated sign for Sun. Sun not only controls our life but also influences our looks, height, complexion and other traits. It is paramount to understand sun’s strength, effects, and its relation to other planets to analyze any horoscope. Well the position of the sun in various houses has a greater influence in people’s lives.
Let’s discuss the role of sun in twelve houses:
1. First House:
The First House is also known as the Ascendant or Lagna and is important of all the houses. It is further referred as “Tanu Bhava” which means the house of the body. This house signifies the birth, personality, features, looks, body, character, temperament, individuality, etc. of a person. Ascendant also plays a significant role in person’s health and determines one’s vitality, vigor, tendencies, struggles in life, success and failures.The native that have the sun in the first house can be aggressive and stubborn at times, but they are good people and follow a moral path. These people are suited for a political career and attain a strong position with their intellect. They can also suffer from eye problems later in their lives.
2. Sun in second house:
Second house determines the wealth of a person. It also tells about the capability and potential of an individual to win over others. This house also reveals the oratory skills of the person. Sun in the second house makes person wealthy, but there are always some differences within family members. The person like solitary so, tends to live alone away from family. They don’t like to do the job instead prefer doing independent business. They often suffer from mouth and stomach diseases.
3. Sun in the third house:
The third house of the horoscope determines how courageous you are, how many friends you will have and will they be helpful. It also tells about your siblings, i.e., you will have an elder or younger brother and sisters. If the sun is in the third house, then the person will be courageous and will conquer others. However, the sun should not be in the Libra sign else, a person will be coward and timid. This person will be a domestic person. Moreover, this person will be involved in talking, and one will often take part in neighborhood event.
4. Sun in fourth house:
When the native Sun is in the fourth house, you take pride in your home, personal life and you will do anything to make your loved ones happy. It is important for you to make everyone happy and healthy in your family. Native will not be able to attain peace and contentment. Sun in 4th house makes native a good Philosopher. Native may get inclinations towards Occult science. Moreover, the fourth house belongs to mother and native mother could be bit bossy or may have authority.
5. Sun in fifth house:
Fifth house is a very good natal place for the sun as this house is traditionally ruled by Leo. This gives native playful character. This placement of sun is good for having children and raising them. The native can have some ego problems. These natives can do wonders in the field of arts especially acting. These people have strong desire to express themselves in the form of creativity, sports, romance, writing and even drama. Fifth house is related to children. Their presence acts as a healing for others, but they struggle to be happy from within.
6. Sun in sixth house:
Placement of Sun in the sixth house helps the native in fighting many diseases and often building resistance against the illness. This native often has good immunity. These people have deep respect for authority and discipline in their lives. When the sun occupies 6th position, the native will have king quality and may be courageous. Moreover, the sixth house belongs to the maternal family, and when the sun occupies the sixth position, native may get support from the maternal side.
7. Sun in seventh house:
The seventh house is a house of unions, marriage, home abroad, travel, associations, and trade, etc. It represents native’s behavior towards his partner (spouse).It is unfavorable position for smooth married life whether it is present in the female or male chart. The native who has the sun in 7th house lacks energy, position, and spirit. Often he becomes self-centered, selfish and introvert which creates disharmony in relationships.

8. Sun in eight house:
When the sun is in the eight house then usually a person has a short lifespan, and hence preventive measures can be taken to guard themselves against heart failure. The person is inclined towards the occult, mysterious and physic field. They are very emotional and stable individual. These people also face problems related to right eye and in the worst situation even blindness.
9. Sun in ninth house:
If the sun is present in the ninth house, then this indicates a possibility for foreign travels. The person has a strong love for learning foreign language and cultures. They are in search of the truth about life. They are strong believers of God. You usually see best in the people and don’t see the negative aspects of them. If mercury is also located inside the 9th house then one of the parents of the native can be of different culture, race or religion. The native likes reading about myths, legends, and various religions.
10. Sun in 10th house:
Sun in tenth house delivers entrepreneurial abilities. Native often enjoys good reputation and position in the highly reputed organization. It also gives person exceptional leadership qualities. These people make inspiration for others. People who have sun in the 10th house have the tendency to praise themselves. These people are often blessed with sons after their marriage and enjoy the comfort of life.
11. Sun in eleventh House:
A person whose sun is in the eleventh house is a truly humanitarian and wants to deliver something good to society. Person can often appear quirky when he/she tries to explain. If your sun is in the eleventh house then you like to bring people together and prefer harmony. You are very understanding and adapt to any situation easily.
12. Sun in twelfth house:

Twelfth house is a house of consciousness. You feel the desire to help others. The person whose sun is in the twelfth house prefers to work behind the scenes. You love to spend alone time. They are true seekers of peace and harmony. They will be recognized for their efforts and services. For instance, if the sun is malefic with other planets then this may lead to financial loss and bitter relationships. It is beneficial for them to stay involved in spiritual aspects and even forgive their enemies.

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