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November 17, 2015

The natives with Pisces as their rising sign are the most independence freaks of all the zodiac signs. They are dreamers and live in their imaginary world. They have a tender heart and are always willing to help or share grief of the less fortunate and suffering people. They don’t worry about sacrificing their own interests in order to make others happy. They love to dwell in the world of their dreams. They prefer emotions to reasoning. They are religious and God-fearing in nature but display superstitious traits at times.

The Pisces rising natives have an amazing imagination, along with a very active sixth sense. They prefer backseat driving and avoid limelight and leadership positions. They are intellectuals and like to set the agenda for themselves. They are honest and work towards fulfilling their commitments. They excel in life because they blend their creativity and artistic traits with hard work. Their compassionate, devoted and helping nature makes them favorite with others.

On the negative side, the Pisces rising natives avoid reality and withdraw to their world of thoughts. They can be self-pitying and temperamental sometimes. Their escapist nature makes them lose touch with reality as they avoid problematic situations. They become too emotionally involved with the problems of others that they can be easily influenced or misled by others. They are extravagant and indulge in excesses. Their oversensitive nature becomes irritating for other people.

The Pisces rising natives look plump and have average height. Their head is unusually shaped and their limbs are short. They have broad or thick shoulders. They have clear, soft skin and a charming smile. They have large, attractive and hypnotic eyes. Their whole persona gives the impression of benevolence, quietness and mysteriousness. Health wise, the Pisces rising natives are prone to problems related to endocrine system and feet. They should guard themselves against swelling; injuries to the feet and allergic reactions to drugs. But they are most vulnerable to emotional sickness because of their sensitive nature.

The Pisces rising natives have a spiritual bent of mind which makes them able to pursue a career related to spiritualism like priests, counselors, psychic healers etc. Their creativity makes them good artists, musicians, painters and orators. They can make career in TV, radio, theatre, advertising, public relations, media and communication fields. They are blessed with an ability to connect with paranormal powers. They flourish more in trades that offer them freedom of expression, which means working alone or in a self-governed arrangement. They get the job done, although others are bewildered by their working style.

In the matters of heart, the Pisces rising natives need friendship, affection, love and romance all under the same roof. They are intensely romantic. They get deeply attached to their partner emotionally. They trust their partner with closed eyes which makes them a victim of deceit sometimes. They feel best when they are frequently reassured that they are loved and cared for romantically. They have warm, sympathetic heart and they don’t try to dominate their partner.

Pisces is symbolized by The Fishes and belongs to the Water element. Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces. Venus gets exalted and Mercury gets debilitated in Pisces. In horoscope, it represents the twelfth house. Soft Sea Green color is associated with Pisces.

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