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The natives with Moon in Virgo are down-to-earth and like to live a life away from publicity. They derive happiness from little things in life like cooking food for others, doing the home decoration, spending some time in the garden etc. They like to follow a disciplined life with set routines. They are always concerned with the well-being and happiness of others. They have an inherent desire to provide help to the needful and to wipe the tears of the sufferers. They are very concerned with their privacy and avoid displaying their emotions in public. They are self-critical if they think that they have hurt someone’s feelings or done something wrong.

The natives with Moon in Virgo are analytical of situations and things. They want to analyze and plan before treading on a new path. Assign them any task and they will come up with flying colors. People can count on them in times of need or distress. They prove to be the best counselors and psychologists. They grasp the facts and situations with ease and are able to give relevant suggestions to others. They react to any calamity with great urgency and planning which enables them to overcome any bad situation in less time than others. For them, the real happiness in life derives from the good deeds rather than materialistic possessions.

The natives with Moon in Virgo live a modest life which others consider as their lack of self-confidence. They are not able to achieve big materialistic goals because they don’t set such targets for them. They live a predictable life of set routines. They live a secluded life and rarely diverge from their comfort zone. They are timid, intimidated and not able to take the bold stance whenever the situation demands. They suppress their emotions which affects their health adversely.

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