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Moon gets exalted in Taurus. The natives with Moon in Taurus make every effort to get secured financially and professionally. They feel secure in familiar environs. They act aggressively when they feel that their sense of familiarity and security are infringed upon. They appear inflexible as they are conventional in nature and traditional in approach. They feel the happiest in the company of their family. They generate a calming influence on those who come into contact with them. They want to have luxuries and aesthetics in life.

The natives with Moon in Taurus are very sociable and are keen on attending parties. They are very particular about finishing the current assignment before picking up the next task. They act according to the need of the hour and rarely jump the gun. They analyze their plans and future course of action and give their best shot when they move towards completing the work. They are trustworthy and people believe in their promises. They pursue their goals in a logical and systematic way. They are full-on romantics and enjoy every moment with their lover. They prove to be loyal partners.

The natives with Moon in Taurus are disliked for their conventional approach towards work. Their possessiveness in relationships gives way to their ruthless temperament. They store the wrongdoings done by others in their heart and wait for the fitting time when they can pay back with interest.

They find it difficult to adjust with the new state of affairs. Then they become inflexible and their behavior changes for the worse. They are overtly conscious about their social standing and are always eager to add to their riches and other material possessions. Sometimes, they are so self-centered that they seem inaccessible and arrogant to other people. They are not very quick in reconciliation.

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