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Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio, which is ruled by its friendly planet, Mars. Thus, the bad effects of this placement are negated to some extent. The natives with Moon in Scorpio are psychologically intense which gives an impression of secrecy in their behavior. They have an inborn instinct of decoding the sentiments of other people. Their mysterious persona puzzles the people. Their emotional temperament pushes them to look out for long term relationships. They are not cut out for casual relationships. Their attractive and enigmatic personality attracts others towards them. They are blessed with intuitive powers and are also inclined towards enlightenment. They can be described as a free spirit, who doesn’t want to get confined in the web of rituals and societal norms.

The natives with Moon in Scorpio are well-versed in judging the emotional behavior of other people. They are very loyal to their partner, friends and family. Their trustworthy disposition, along with their eye-catching personality, makes them an instant hit with the people of opposite sex. They look for a partner with whom they can share an intense and passionate romantic relationship. They set higher goals for themselves, sometimes far difficult than they can actually attain but they spare no effort to go after their desired ambition. Their never-say-die spirit makes them a class apart.

The natives with Moon in Scorpio are emotionally affected by their reticent attitude. They find it difficult to trust others quickly. They are apprehensive about their partner’s loyalty and may spy on them to ascertain if the partner is faithful or not. The feeling of jealousy and over possessiveness spoils their chemistry with their partner. Sometimes, their stubborn and intimidating behavior draws people away from them. They don’t forget the emotional pain inflicted on them by others. They don’t take criticism sportingly.

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