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The natives with Moon in Sagittarius are full of optimism and positivity. They are the extroverts, who can’t stay enclosed for long. They possess good physical stamina and are inclined towards sports and other such vocations where physical endurance is required. They are always eager to learn something and meet new people. The adverse situations can’t break their grit and pessimistic people can’t steal their enthusiasm. New goals and changed surroundings boost their spirit. Their self-regulating temperament makes them unreliable and prone to negligent behavior. They are also marred with the habit of acting first and thinking later. They remain happy if they are allowed to work without any interference.

The natives with Moon in Sagittarius are liked by people for their unrelenting attitude in times of crisis. They are always ready to face hard times straight on. The qualities that make them rise in life are their positive attitude, logical mindset and physical strength. Their philosophy in life is to come up with solutions to any and every problem. Their creativity often surprises the people as they do tasks which others have not expected of them. Their communication skills bring success to them in the fields of public relations and selling. They love to infuse confidence in other people. They love traveling and exploring new things.

The natives with Moon in Sagittarius are taken advantage of by other people due to their carefree nature. They can be misled by others as they repose their faith even on the strangers. Sometimes, their optimism turns into over-confidence because they believe that they can do anything. They become very harsh and impulsive, once they decide to do something in their own way. Then they ignore even the good advice given by others and display emotions of insensitivity. People feel offended by their immodest and self-obsessed behavior.

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