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The natives with Moon in Pisces are very sensitive, especially towards the needs and problems of others. They can experience the emotional pains, sufferings and dilemmas of other people. They want to wipe tears from the eyes of suffering mankind which makes them endearing to people. Their greatest asset is their benevolent and humanitarian character. They are very imaginative and creative by spirit. They like to plan things first before starting any new work. They are enamored by the thought of romance and love. They want to forge an intense and passionate relationship with their partner and look for long term commitments. They want a partner who can also become their best friend.

The natives with Moon in Pisces are blessed with creative abilities. They are driven by the vision of a meaningful life where they can play a role in the emancipation of suffering souls. They are elated in sharing deep emotional bond with their partner and worldly comforts are not enough to make them blissful. They appreciate the beauty of nature and goodness in life. Their creativity, if utilized properly, can make them good artists, painters, actors, writers, musicians, singers etc. Once they form a close relationship with someone, they dedicate themselves to make that relationship last longer.

The natives with Moon in Pisces are so sensitive that they immerse themselves in the problems and pains of other people with whom they are associated. It makes them vulnerable to exploitation and deceit. They remain submerged in their fantasies and dreams and turn their back towards the practical aspects of life. Their health gets adversely affected by the emotional ups and downs of life as they are unable to cope up with reality. They escape from the unpleasant circumstances rather than putting up a brave fight. They easily get disheartened if they are criticized and indulge in self-pitying in such circumstances.

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