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The natives with Moon in Libra are the problem solvers of top class. They promote the feelings of brotherhood and harmony. They are very happy in the company of people. They deal with others in a polite and considerate manner. They are sympathetic towards others and are very good listeners. In debates and arguments, they put up their views in a convincing and gentle way. They possess magnetic persona and good manners which attracts people of opposite sex. They display concentration and alertness in going after their goals. Their strength is their good planning for any project and their weakness is the weak execution of that plan.

The natives with Moon in Libra are very diplomatic in handling the team-work and complex affairs. They can act as peacemakers between two hostile groups. They know how to persuade people to come on the table for negotiations. Their bosses turn to them for preparing plans and proposals. They become a source of inspiration for their family and friends. They are affectionate towards their partner and seduce them with their charm and sensuality. They want a partner who is attractive, good-humored and who can match their passion in romance.

The natives with Moon in Libra are indecisive and waste their time in calculating the merits and demerits of any issue. They are flirts and try to seduce the opposite sex with their charisma. Sometimes, their over indulgence in love affairs brings them disrepute. They indulge a lot in criticizing other people which makes them distrustful in the eyes of their friends. They adopt confrontational attitude sometimes and want to win every argument. This makes them incompatible and impractical. They take a lot of time in making up their mind regarding important issues concerning their life which irritates other people who have to deal with them.

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