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The natives with Moon in Leo are authoritative by temperament and want the spotlight to be placed on them always. They are proficient in organizing the events. They are interested in giving orders and deputizing others for the tasks which they could have handled themselves. Their sociable nature and dynamic personality makes them the center of attraction in social events and public gatherings. They always want to get surrounded by admirers, followers and subordinates so that they can boss around. They want people to display gratitude if they do any favor to them. Success matters a lot to them and their actions are planned only if there are chances to succeed. Their pride gets hurt if they are defeated or lose something in front of the people.

The natives with Moon in Leo are people-centric and their actions spring to establish their dominance over others. They love to display their benevolence in public and are forever ready to argue their cause. They are ready to sacrifice for a higher cause. They perform their duty with utmost sincerity. They have sense of fair play and justice. Tough situations can’t beat their morale and they face the adversity with resolve and everlasting stamina. They feel happy in sharing their success and prosperity with others.

The natives with Moon in Leo are very self-obsessed. They want to remain the centre of attraction and don’t like when others outshine them. They show severe resentment if others don’t accept their leadership or follow their orders. It makes them behave in an arrogant manner. They are prone to overstating their role in the team and become stubborn when a role against their wishes is entrusted to them. They boast about their societal status and look down upon those who don’t match with their social standing.

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