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The natives with Moon in Gemini are charismatic, spontaneous and have sense of humor. They are intellectually observant and adept to any situation as it demands. They are amicable and people enjoy being in their company. But sometimes they are directed by their mood swings which make them unpredictable for others. They can be very happy one moment and disenchanted the next one. One of their greatest strength is to excel in multitasking. They are proficient to carry the burden of many tasks at the same time. They are always updated with the latest information. They are ready to give their best shot at any task they are assigned.

The natives with Moon in Gemini are very good communicators and people love to listen to them. They get bored with one task and are always on the move. They like to attend the social gatherings and meet new people. Their major strengths are naturalness, pulsating imagination, writing and oratorical skills. They need a constant partner with whom they can share their feelings and plans. They are adaptable by nature and can adjust according to the situations, be it in personal life or professional duties. They are interested in learning new crafts.

The natives with Moon in Gemini find it difficult to stay at one place or tie with one task, owing to their impatient temperament. They analyze things, situations and people according to their intellect and in the process overrule the feelings of others sometimes. It makes them emotionally disconnected with the people and the surroundings. In love too, they want their partner to be more vibrant intellectually which takes away the shine from the romantic aspect of a relationship. Their restlessness makes them vulnerable to poor decision-making. It creates tension in their mind and they get down with health problems like hypertension and nervous disorders.

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