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The natives with Moon in Capricorn keep their calm even in the difficult situations. They believe in setting practical targets and go after their goals in a planned and organized way. They chart out their strategies cautiously and play safe and sound. They avoid risks and change their track if they are forced to move out of their security zone. They don’t want to reveal their softer side to others because they want to portray themselves as hard nuts to crack. They are willing to listen to their criticism and ready to make amendments, if necessary. They are concerned about proving their capability in the tasks they are assigned.

The natives with Moon in Capricorn work tirelessly till they achieve their goals. The power to sail through the troubled waters comes from their inherent determination and patience. They can be relied upon, once they are given any responsibility. They want to fulfill their commitments. They have a brilliant mind and use it for the benefit of the society. They become very active and productive when they are bestowed with any responsibility on public platform. They value the importance of time and dignity of labor. They strive towards their goals with utmost dedication and concentration. For them, actions are more important than words.

The natives with Moon in Capricorn put a lot of burden on themselves by undertaking additional responsibilities. They feel downhearted when people are not able to match their dedication in work. They find it difficult to adjust with people who are on a different emotional wavelength than theirs. In relationships, they worry thinking whether their partner would stand by them in difficult times or not. They feel insecure if they are asked to tread out of their comfort zone. They get angry when things drift away from their hand, which affects their health adversely.

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