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Cancer is Moon’s own house. The natives with Moon in Cancer are very emotional by nature. They are governed by their heart and not by their head. They consider their feelings as their greatest treasure. They are blessed with excellent memory and intuitive powers. They are peace-loving creatures who find pleasure amid their family, friends and home. They are gifted artists and they appreciate the good feelings and skillfulness of other people. They feel uneasy in unfamiliar terrain and are prone to mood swings in such circumstances.

The natives with Moon in Cancer are loving, caring and kind. They are sensitive and can very well read the emotions of other people. Those people who feel down and depressed in life find their company as a new ray of hope. They value people’s feelings and apply their sense of humor to provide happy moments to the sobbing faces. They are very hospitable and prove to be the best hosts. Once they develop bonding with someone, they give their all to nourish the relationship. They easily slip into the domestic role and prove their worth in tasks like cooking, home decoration and gardening.

The natives with Moon in Cancer are so nurturing that they can talk with even plants. They are family-oriented and yearn for a partner who can become their soul mate and not just spouse. They are the eternal romantics but casual relationships or flirts are not their cup of tea. They look for a partner who can match them emotionally and with whom they can share their feelings, fears and ambitions.

The natives with Moon in Cancer are prone to mood swings and insecurity. They feel helpless in the absence of a trustworthy companion. They can’t forget easily if someone hurts them. They hold grudges for long which causes them self-afflicted pain. They are extremely dependent on their partner and become possessive about them.

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