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The natives with Moon in Aquarius are sociologists by temperament. They have sharp observational skills and are fascinated towards studying human tendencies. They exhibit twofold behavior while dealing with people. On the one hand, they are friendly with people and surround themselves with acquaintances, while on the other hand they remain innately aloof from inside. They display maturity in dealing with people and in understanding their emotions and fears. They want others to act according to their whims and fancies. They want to possess a personality which is different from the rest of the tribe because of their desire to look different from others.

The natives with Moon in Aquarius are good-looking and attract people with their facial and verbal expressions. They are optimistic and can cast their spell on the dejected souls. They are always willing to help out someone in distress. They don’t have any selfish interests attached in their endeavors to help others. They are very confident about their relationships and give their partner ample space to blossom. They are liked in their social circle due to their helping nature, optimistic attitude and sharp sense of humor. They mesmerize others with their charisma and child-like innocence. They prove to be loyal partners in love and marriage. They are dreamers who fascinate others with their vision. They like to roam in the world of their dreams.

The natives with Moon in Aquarius keep some emotional distance from their friends and social circle because of their aloofness. They act adamantly when they want to get things done according to their desire. They demonstrate their temperamental side when others show reluctance to follow their orders. They get upset and maintain distance from others if they are criticized, even for the right cause. They don’t open up instantly with their partner and take time to vent out their feelings.

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