Moon in 8th House

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The natives with Moon in the eighth house have weak inner strength as they fear for their life and security. Fear has two effects on them; they become careful about everything and they immerse themselves in spirituality to overcome their weaknesses and fears. They can achieve anything because of their conviction in the Almighty. They seek to attain the hidden knowledge related to mystery and divinity. The only thing that fails them is their impatience. They are inherently generous but if Moon is weak or debilitated here, they may turn jealous, wicked and immoral. If Moon is strong here, they are loyal in relationships, reserved by nature and humanitarian by approach.

The natives with Moon in the eighth house don’t get the good results if the lord of the eighth house and the lord of the ascendant are weak, debilitated or afflicted. In such circumstances, there is threat to the life of the native or they may have a short life span. They may fear of drowning. Weak Moon separates the natives from their relatives and friends. But, if Moon is exalted, strong or in its own sign here, the native will get a long life and success in research and educational pursuits.

Moon in the eighth house causes many diseases to the native, if it is debilitated or afflicted. They may have to spend a lot of their money on recovering from the diseases. They fear from their enemies and face obstacles in dealing with them. But, if Moon is associated with Jupiter, the native will get abundant riches and comforts. The negative effects emerging in their horoscope crash and they become fortunate. Their sixth sense is well developed and they make use of their intuitive powers to guide people. They somehow comprehend what is going to happen in future. They explore tantric practices and the power of mantras.