Moon in 7th House

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Moon in the seventh house polishes the communication skills of the native by making them soft-spoken and gentle. They are fond of truth and beauty. They are attached to all their relationships and they share a very intimate relationship with their spouse. They feel emotionally contented after their marriage. They are so understanding and caring that they leave their imprints on the minds of other people. Their aim is to lead a blissful married life and they succeed in it. They provide their shoulders to others to lean on in times of distress. They provide emotional support to others at times when others have discarded them.

The natives with Moon in the seventh house mix up easily with others. Their presence is calming in any public gathering. They make a lot of efforts to project their good image in the society. They give importance to the viewpoints of other people and keep others’ interests above their own. They don’t settle down or marry with someone in life till they are assured that the other person will fill their emotional vacuum and is fully compatible to them. They are youthful in spirit and feel better in the company of young people.

The natives with Moon in the seventh house look younger than their age. They lack in physical stamina and need to build it through proper and nutritious diet. If Moon is exalted and strongly placed here, the native gets the desired spouse. Their destiny changes for the better after their marriage and they attain all comforts. Their spouse will be good looking and affectionate. They also gain from business partnerships and joint ventures. If Moon is debilitated or weak, the marriage of the native gets delayed. Differences may crop up between the couple just after the marriage. Their business partner may cheat on them.