Moon in 6th House

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Moon in the sixth house makes the native hard working and sincere. Work is worship for them and they feel troubled if they are not able to live up to their own expectations in performing their duty. Their tendency to change their jobs frequently adds to their cup of woes because they lose important opportunities and faith of employers. They are supportive to their colleagues and subordinates at work. They face health problems related to tension as they take a lot of pressure regarding their work. Sometimes, they blow their own trumpet and overstate their achievements. Their face displays their state of mind.

The natives with Moon in the sixth house are inclined towards self improvement and are interested in religious acts. They may learn the art of tantric practices. The strong Moon here pushes the native towards meditation and yogic acts. Bad placement of moon in the sixth house disturbs the mental equilibrium of the native. They lose hope about life and may take the extreme step of committing suicide. They may suffer from many diseases, especially stomach ailments. They may have a weak constitution and poor appetite. They may be operated upon to get rid of the disease. They may face threat to life at watery places.

The natives with Moon in the sixth house are confrontational and poor, if Moon is debilitated or afflicted. They may have powerful enemies and may suffer due to the hurdles created by their enemies. They may not have brothers or many friends to support them at critical junctures. They may roll under debt and may have to sell their property or gold for raising money to clear the medical expenses. But, if Moon is well placed here, the native can breathe the sigh of relief. They may conquer their enemies and recover from illnesses soon.