Moon in 5th House

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Moon in the fifth house aggravates the sensitiveness of the native and makes their mental balance delicate. They are attached to the family from the core of their heart and can’t survive without their emotional support and love. They are very protective about their children and put many restrictions on them, although the reason is their love and fear of losing them. They give unselfish love to others, without caring if the other person is responding in the same way or not. They are guided by their emotions and lack practical sense. They suffer because they can’t keep their secrets to themselves. Their strength is their sparkling imagination.

The natives with Moon in the fifth house are blessed with good progeny if Moon is well placed here or exalted. Their children excel in creative pursuits. The combination of Moon with other planets of creativity like Mercury and Venus in the fifth house takes the native to the heights of artistic glory and they become celebrated musicians, poets, painters and actors. The combination of Moon with Jupiter here makes the native a versatile writer, teacher or media personality. They become too dependent on others emotionally, which harms their self-respect and decision-making ability. They need to maintain balance between heart and mind.

The natives with Moon in the fifth house spend a lot of time in meditation and spiritual acts. If the Moon is strong here, the native enjoys all the worldly pleasures, becomes learned, performs pious deeds and derives happiness from children. They possess a sense of contentment and detachment. They may get more female issues than male issues. However, if Moon is debilitated or afflicted in the fifth house, the natives may suffer from shortage of finance. They may not be able to receive higher education. Their wife may be short-tempered and they may face problems regarding child birth.