Moon in 4th House

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The natives with Moon in the fourth house are family-oriented people and they are very attached to their mother. It seems that their existence resides in their mother. For them, the bond of the family is far above the materialistic chase. They are attached to the memories of the past, especially their childhood. Their personality forms by the kind of treatment they got in their childhood and yesteryears. They are emotionally connected to their native place, ancestors, family traditions and religious doctrine. Strong Moon in the fourth house makes the native interested in studying scriptures and astrology.

The natives with Moon in the fourth house are blessed with pure heart. They vie for emotional security, while finances take back seat in their scheme of things. They are faithful in their relationships and people trust them blindly. Women play a major role in their professional and personality development. They like to follow their own culture and resent following the western culture or things that are not in resonance with their ideals. They retain childlike innocence throughout their life. If Moon is exalted or strongly placed here in association with Jupiter, the native may shine like a star in the field of education and research.

Moon in the fourth house gives many vehicles, lands and properties to the native, if Moon is strong. They can build their residence at more than one place. But, if Moon is debilitated or weak in the fourth house, the results are reversed. The native suffers on account of debauchery. They may have illicit relations with many women and may earn a bad name on this count. Their mother may remain sick throughout her life or may have a short span of life. They may have to sell their house in order to pay their loans. Their vehicle may need maintenance over and over again.