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Moon in the third house keeps the native on the move as it is the house of travels and Moon stays for a short period in one zodiac sign. This is also the house of communications. The natives with a strong Moon are well-versed in different forms of communications. They can express their emotions with finesse and can stir the feelings of people through their writing. They are the social butterflies who constantly look to move from one party or celebration to another. They derive happiness from making friendships and enhancing their social circle. They want to embark on a journey, at the physical level as well as the intellectual level.

The natives with Moon in the third house are born artists. They develop interest in learning various forms of dance and music. They can learn traditional and modern forms with equal ease. They can also excel as journalists, actors and radio jockeys. They are interested in sports and prefer games like tennis, archery, swimming, golf etc. They are adored by their family members, friends and relatives as they seem harmless to everyone. They cannot stay at one place for long and constantly move from one place to another.

Moon in the third house blesses the native with more sisters than brothers. If Moon is weak here, the natives may get punishment from the government. They may incur heavy losses. They may indulge in gossiping and backstabbing. They may get intoxicated with power and authority and eventually lose it. If Moon is exalted or well deposited here, the native rises through the support of destiny and siblings. They may become famous for their religious accomplishments. They will be valorous and may join military. They are advised not to get swayed by their emotions. They should believe in what they see from their eyes rather than what they hear from others.

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