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Moon in the second house impacts the finances of the native in a positive way, if Moon is exalted or in own sign. There can be financial instability too, if Moon is weakly placed or debilitated in the second house. The lord of the second house should either be very strong or compatible with Moon to reap the best effects regarding money. They tend to spend unrestrainedly on attaining things of luxuries and other material comforts. They look to find peace in financial security and cling to their possessions like glue.

The natives with Moon in the second house thrive in the secure and comfort zone of their family. They are attached to their family members and respect women. Others like their company because they shower them with abundant love and care. They spend a lot of money in designing and decorating their house. They are habitually extravagant and overgenerous. They are mostly on some shopping spree and fill their wardrobes more than required. This trait of their personality lands them in trouble as it dries up their finances. They don’t let differences with someone to linger on. Although they are temperamental, yet they move ahead with time, leaving bad memories behind.

The natives with Moon in the second house are excellent orators. Most of the great political leaders are born with either Moon or Venus in the second house as these make them capable of attracting masses with the power of their speech. They are fluent in their speech and have soft tone. If Moon is very well placed here, the native can become a renowned singer, advocate and professor. They earn money through their speech. They are beautiful too as they have attractive face and stunning features. If Moon is weak or afflicted in the second house, the natives may face problems of speech or mouth and they may also go bankrupt.

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