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Moon signifies the heart of the native. The natives with Moon in the first house are emotional and creative people. Their sensitiveness is both a boon and curse for them. It is a boon because it brings out their virtues to the fore and makes them compassionate like a saint. It is a curse too because it makes the native to suffer from emotional upheavals. Some people try to take advantage of their kindheartedness. This makes them feel low time and again. The natives with such disposition adapt to the needs of others and the demand of the situation. But in the process, they lose their identity and others race ahead of them professionally.

The natives with Moon in the first house make an effort to give motherly love to others. They are happy in making others happy. They look for a partner with whom they can share their pain and anguish; their achievements and failures; their strengths and weaknesses; and who is compatible to them morally and physically. They are loyal towards their family and spouse. They need to ensure that their emotions don’t govern their decisions. They should be more practical in their approach. They are proficient in music, dance, painting, poetry and writing.

The natives with Moon in the first house are gentle, honest and good-looking. Their smile is vivacious and their soft speech charms the listeners. Romance runs in their blood and they remain immersed in their fantasies. They are shy, reserved and have hypnotic eyes. If the Moon is exalted or strongly placed in the first house, it gives the native intuitive powers and sharp mind. The debilitation and weak placement of Moon here cause frequent mood swings and unexplained tensions. Moon in Pisces and Scorpio ascendants is powerful because it is the lord of fifth and ninth houses respectively. In Aries and Cancer ascendant too, it is deemed auspicious.

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