Moon in 12th House

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Moon in the twelfth house is a sensitive planetary placement. The natives with this disposition go through emotional turbulence in their life. They are introvert by nature and judge their persona in comparison to their peer group. They don’t forget their past and revere their professional journey if they have made big after struggling a lot. They don’t accept criticism sportingly and condemn the person who pinpoints their faults. They want plans and people to fall in line according to their command. Imaginary fears perturb them and they worry a lot about their future. They are short tempered but kindhearted.

The natives with Moon in the twelfth house become sensitive to others’ needs. They listen compassionately to others and try to solve their problems. Most of the bad effects in this house of expenditure get cut-off if benefic planets aspect this house and Moon is not afflicted. Moon’s association with benefic planets shifts the natives to the foreign lands and they generally succeed in the business of import and export. They have few but faithful friends and their relatives stand by them in their difficult times. It is said that if Moon is exalted or in its own sign here or associated with Jupiter, the native goes to heaven after death.

Moon in the twelfth house gives bad results if it is severely afflicted here in association with malefic planets. Such natives are lazy, unhappy and envious of other people. They are humiliated in public for their misdeeds. They suffer from eye troubles and their relationship with their mother is dicey. They waste their money in immoral acts. But, if Moon is strongly placed here, the natives guard their money and take account of every penny they spend. They need to overcome their mood swings and anger to establish harmony at workplace and home. Strong Moon strengthens their quest for enlightenment.