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Mercury is at home in Virgo. Mercury gets exalted in its own sign. The natives with Mercury in Virgo are eloquent speakers. They have high energy level while speaking but speak in a leisurely way. They speak to the point with measured words. For them, quality of speech is more important than the quantity of words. They encounter the views and information with good judgment and subjective interrogation. Before settling down on any issue, they try to figure out the pros and cons from every angle. They like to plan out things well before initiating the action. They want to avoid errors or discrepancies by planning well in advance to avoid wastage of time and resources.

The natives with Mercury in Virgo are polite and calm while speaking but can adopt critical attitude to convey their point without regarding that it may hurt the feelings of the other person. They don’t intend so but get carried away by their communication skills. It’s just their nature to state the fact as they perceive it. They perform very well in debates and arguments because they keep their cool even when others provoke them. They don’t get rattled by verbal onslaught of others. They can convey their point even in the nerve-racking debates.

The natives with Mercury in Virgo lack zeal and forcefulness, so the aggressive people can trample them with high tenor, vibrancy and drama. Although they are proficient in vocabulary and facts but they don’t show off their knowledge. They excel in tasks where they are given freedom to bring their creativity to the core. They have a passion for learning new things and activities and can ably handle wide-ranging subjects. They enjoy reading, puzzle and word games, playing chess etc. because they get charged when they are challenged. They are adjusting, systematic, self-reliant and disciplined.

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