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The natives with Mercury in Scorpio focus on the reasons behind the decision. They want to probe deeper that why the things are what they are. They believe that things are not exactly how they appear. They have a fine-tuned instinct to unravel the mysteries. They work silently and patiently to get the facts uncovered. They have the disposition of an investigator. They can read from the mannerisms of the people that what they might be thinking about. They understand the emotions of the people and make out from the body language of others if they are cooking something fishy.

The natives with Mercury in Scorpio can assess by looking into someone’s eyes if they are lying. They can frustrate others with persistent questioning to get the answers they are looking for. They end up successfully extracting the information they need. They take a lot of time in arriving at the decisions. Their probing nature makes them ideal for the jobs of detectives, interrogators, psychologists, investigative journalists and the like. Their inquisitive nature leads them to the bottom of nuances of human psyche. They are secretive and introspective but if someone shares his/her feelings with them, they patiently listen to their problems and try to come up with a concrete solution of their problem.

The natives with Mercury in Scorpio aren’t afraid to speak on the topics that others may consider taboo. They accept the dark side of the life as natural part of our existence. They can go into the deep, dark corners of human mind to resolve their mental dilemmas. They aren’t talkative and speak only when the situation demands. They take every interaction seriously and are very careful about the inferences of their words. They are the human surveillance camera and no one can escape from their prying eyes.

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