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The natives with Mercury in Sagittarius are blessed with visionary mind. They like to think and dream big. They envisage ideas which others can’t imagine. They thrive on the theory that everything is possible. The constraints, difficulties and challenges can’t put them down. They are good conversationalists and speak candidly. They like the company of honest people and avoid those who are manipulative and immoral. They don’t shy away from discussing or debating any topic under sun. They listen to others views with apt attention but don’t concede the ground when they think that their opinions are concrete.

The natives with Mercury in Sagittarius have a philosophical bent of mind and they like to discuss and converse on religion, philosophy and anything that deals with ethics. They set high standards for themselves and others to adhere to the societal rules. They enforce moral policing on others but sometimes stumble themselves. They try to live up to the benchmark they set but their fluctuating nature pose problems to them. This creates an impression that they don’t practice what they preach. Their focus is distracted by boundless thoughts and their habit of diving deep in details. They are sociable and mix up easily with one and all.

The natives with Mercury in Sagittarius don’t have the patience to perform well when multitasking. They are imaginative people who need freedom and time to explore new ideas and enhance their vision. By working in relaxed and unhindered atmosphere, they can surprise people by coming up with brainstorming proposals. They have good sense of humor but they can be sarcastic too. They evaluate the issues from very wide perspective and can understand the emotions of other people. They express their opinions in an insightful and entertaining way. They back up their viewpoints with logical reasoning and expect the same from others.

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