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Mercury gets debilitated in Pisces. The natives with Mercury in Pisces primarily get carried by their emotions. They are very gentle communicators and speak as if they are reciting a poem. They have such delicateness attached to their voice. They are unpredictable too. It is difficult to gauge how they will behave in a certain situation. For them, the world is a beautiful place to live in and not a battle zone. While making crucial decisions, they follow the voice of their heart and they get some accurate insights from their sixth sense.

The natives with Mercury in Pisces are one of the best listeners and make others so comfortable that they pour out their heart in front of them. They go into hypnotic state of mind when they listen to others. It seems that they are totally engrossed in others’ stories. They don’t judge or calculate others’ feelings; they just visualize and experience their feelings by getting immersed in it with all their heart. Their eyes seem to get awakened from a meditative state after they had gone through someone’s narrative. Then they provide them with such accurate feedback as if it was their personal story. They enlighten others with their deep understanding of any problem.

The natives with Mercury in Pisces are inclined towards artistic pursuits. They can excel in theatre, movies, music, poetry, writing etc. They are fascinated by mysticism, occult and paranormal activity. They live through the power of meditation and prayers. They believe that someone up there listens to them with apt attention. Their communication gets blurred due to their unorganized thinking. While explaining something, they may leave out the important details or change the discourse according to their mood. They often retreat to the world of their fantasies and dreams. They are imaginative but they should learn to translate their thoughts into actions.

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