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The natives with Mercury in Libra are considered to be the best judges of debates and other such literary contests because they excel in evaluating the issues by looking at both the sides of the coin. They are the perfect candidate for playing the role of devil’s advocate. They love to get involved in conversation with others as they are excited by mental stimulation. They make the conversation interesting by appreciating others’ views and even taking their side in any argument. They are always for healthy debates and leave the place if debate turns into ugly arguments and derogatory tenor.

The natives with Mercury in Libra are genteel, diplomatic and elegant in their speech. Their speech is furnished with pleasant tone and measured words. They never come across as crass communicators. Their ideas revolve around the spirit of justice and fairness. They are open to debate on wide-ranging issues and never shy away when they are challenged by more knowledgeable contestants. They always maintain a conduct that radiates self-control and respect for other person’s views. Even when they disagree with others’ views, they give them a chance to express their opinion.

The natives with Mercury in Libra give an impression that they are thinking something else and speaking something different. They get pleasure in kick starting the debates, throwing up issues, weighing up the facts, opinions and ideas. People who come in their contact feel that they are conversing with an encyclopedia of knowledge because they cover all the angles of any issue. They are fascinated by literature and arts. They are broad-minded but stick to their ideology firmly if they are convinced about its good points. They have big social circle because of their warm, caring and understanding disposition. They become the centre of attraction in the parties and social gatherings as people like them and come to listen to their views.

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